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  • Inside the World of L.A.'s Puppet Filmmakers
  • Inside the World of L.A.'s Puppet Filmmakers

    A movie must be completed before its screened, right? Not according to Graphation. Last night, in Downtown Los Angeles' Hive Gallery, the independent film group kickstarted their first installment of Works In Progress by presenting three unfinished films to an audience. The focus of the WIP series is less on...
    • Jan 25, 2013
  • That's Weird
  • That's Weird

    It appears the idea of Halloween worms its way into the collective psyche earlier and earlier each year, and today the Hive Gallery and Studios throws open the gates of Samhain with its October Haunted House Themed Show. Perhaps downtown's most eclectic space, a kind of swap-meet buffet of low-brow...
    • Sep 22, 2011
  • LinA in LA: Coloring Outside the Lines

    Spring in full swing means the typical DJs+dancing+drinking events just don't cut it right now. People want more, especially as the weather warms — extrasensory environments and amusements that combine both visual and aural stimulation in unique ways. Themed parties, art-driven extravaganzas and milestone-marking mashes make up the best happenings...
    • Jun 2, 2011
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