On Sunset in between the Echo and Little Joy, the Gold Room's location would lead you to believe that it has long been taken over by what some classic hater graffiti in the bathroom at Little Joy calls "gringo hipster trash." But the Gold Room has only begun to transform. While Tuesdays are now advertised as "A Night of '90s Awesome," and therefore attract the kind of people who like to sing along to "Sweet Child of Mine," there are more than vestigial elements of the very local, older, Latino crowd that remain in full force. The groups seem to get along well, however, and the $4 Tuesday night special, which includes a shot of crap tequila and a beer of your choosing, seems to lubricate the integration process. Everyone is friendly and waiters will come to serve you in the small adjoining alleyway where barstools and ashtrays are set up for smokers. There smokers can watch Jeopardy undisturbed by the noise and neon palm trees of the interior. (Reviewed by Guelda Voelen)

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    Best Echo Park Bar

    Gold Room

    Seeing that it's walking distance from the stadium, the best place to be before or after a Dodgers game is the Gold Room with a shot of tequila in your hand.


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