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  • A Play Set When Interracial Marriage Was Illegal (GO!)
  • A Play Set When Interracial Marriage Was Illegal (GO!)

    Some plays simmer, and others scorch. Originally penned by Alice Childress in 1966 but unproduced until 1972, Wedding Band: A Love/Hate Story in Black & White is decidedly the latter. This rarely produced revival delivers a blistering indictment of the South’s anti-miscegenation laws against the backdrop of a deeply moving...
    • Oct 22, 2014
  • Mash-Ups of Classic Plays (Featuring Abba!)
  • Mash-Ups of Classic Plays (Featuring Abba!)

    There are no sly topical winks in Kenneth Cavander's problematic adaptation of the Oedipus trilogy. Cavander's new play, The Curse of Oedipus, which just opened at Antaeus Company, is pure classical gas. Nor are there any modern-day army fatigues or national insignias worn on shoulders in Casey Stangl's beautiful, skillful...
    • Jun 26, 2014
  • We Review Both Casts of <i>Top Girls</i>, at the Antaeus Company (GO!)
  • We Review Both Casts of Top Girls, at the Antaeus Company (GO!)

    In the famous first scene of Top Girls, Caryl Churchill's 1982 play about gender and class, a group of celebrated women from history and literature gather at a restaurant for food, drink and convivial conversation. They arrive at the behest of Marlene (Sally Hughes and Rebecca Mozo, alternating in this...
    • Mar 25, 2014
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