Sheddy's Public Parlour | Melrose/ Beverly/ Fairfax | Wine Bar | Restaurant
As dive bars go, Sheddy's is in a pretty tony location. Across the street from the Fairfax Boulevard Whole Foods and edged in on both sides by The Grove and LACMA, the burgundy exterior certainly seems out of place. But inside, time stops and the rest of the world no longer matters. The plump vinyl barstools are more than a little tatty and the wrought iron lighting is a touch dramatic, but there are old timers here who may never have left, and young hipsters who could well be their children. Don't shy away from the bar in favor of the vintage velvet furniture; it's where all the action is. The surprisingly well-maintained beer list beckons with draughts that pour clean and full, and you can always lean over the bar to see what sort of bottom-feeding booze bottle you'd like to pull from next. This is still a dive bar, after all.

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