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  • Ask Mr. Gold

    Q: Where have you been going for dim sum lately? —Y. Ramirez, Silver Lake A: Seaworld, a palace of ziggurats and chandeliers and fish tanks, is neither the best nor the worst Cantonese seafood restaurant in town, but the dim sum has been great lately — trays of glistening baked...
    • Dec 4, 2002
  • Hong Kong Chow

    Empress Pavilion-- A recent meal at Empress Pavilion included shiitake mushrooms braised with snow-pea leaves - a musky combination that somehow breathed summer - and Chinese water spinach sauteed with blindingly pungent fermented soy. You will also find Cantonese classics here, most of them done extremely well: steamed rock cod...
    • Jul 8, 1998


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