Salt and Pepper Cuisine | San Fernando Valley | Mediterranean | Restaurant
Salt and Pepper, which opened in Woodland Hills in March, takes the traditional, upscale Persian restaurant and gives it a new, sleek spin. Like much at Salt & Pepper, the fesenjan — the dark Iranian stew of chicken, pomegranate and walnuts — was good but not outstanding, the dark bitterness of the walnuts a little overpowered by the pomegranate's sweetness, the magical balance of the dish not quite right. The ash reshteh, the little-bit-of-everything bean and herb soup, also was slightly less hearty and comforting than other versions I've had around town, though the kashk-o bademjan, that gloriously thick spread of eggplant and caramelized shallots drizzled in whey, was as rich and sweet and tangily addictive as any. —Besha Rodell

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