Despite Altadena's status as a bastion of hippie-dom, there may be no place on Earth that channels the beachy vibe of Venice, Calif., less than the small, drab Altadena strip mall where Pizza of Venice makes its home. Sean St. John and Jamie Woolner's farmers market enterprise turned brick-and-mortar pizzeria boasts mellow vibes, colorful art and wholly original pizza sourced with local ingredients whenever possible. The pizza menu includes expected selections like cheese, mushrooms and meatballs as well ass of-the-wall choices like sashimi and crab boil pizza. Some of these lopsided ideas -- like pizzas smothered in Cowgirl Creamery brie, Point Reyes blue and fresh shaved Brussels sprouts -- actually work. Still, Pizza of Venice's finest accomplishment might just be its fresh limeade, made daily from fruit available at the farmers market. --Besha Rodell

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