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Woodland Hills may not immediately come to mind when you think of L.A. pizza destinations. But Paoli's Pizzeria & Piano Bar on Ventura Boulevard is certainly building a name for itself with the outlandishly inventive Alfredo Pizza. A creation of owner Chairon Miller, the dense white pizza is baked with a thick layer of bright cheeses, cream, loads of butter and plenty of garlic. Each deep slice is a thick reminder of the kitchen concoctions from your childhood, recreated with high-quality ingredients by an amenable staff that knows how to please. Paoli's carries typical red sauce deep-dish options as well, including a popular sausage and cheese, but true fans of this old school red tablecloth Italian joint delight in the Climax, a very un-Italian Alredo-pesto-sausage spin that's decadent enough to put Woodland Hills back on the pizza map.

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