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Don't be fooled by the canary yellow walks or the Hello Kitty motif. Pa Pa Walk is all business. The Taiwanese street food mecca has been a must-stop San Gabriel Valley destination for years now, which is no small feat for food-rich Valley Boulevard. You can start with cold cuts like marinated pig's ears, but the real draws are… bigger. The fried oyster omelette is larger than the plate it comes on, fresh from its time in the pan. The cream soup fried toast is legendary, a toasted bread box filled to the brim with chicken, shrimp, corn, ham and vegetable cream soup. It's topped off with another slab of thick fried toast, giving off a coffin vibe that's popular in the Taiwanese city of Tainan. For dessert, order the mango shaved ice. No matter how many people you came with, you'll eat more of the milk-rich ice and fresh mango than you think, and still have plenty left over.

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    Pa Pa Walk

    The bright yellow walls and Hello Kitty décor at Pa Pa Walk might make you think for a moment that you'd wandered off-course and stumbled into yet another mini-mall trinket shop.


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