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  • Why Two Celebrated Theaters Have to Leave Their Hollywood Homes
  • Why Two Celebrated Theaters Have to Leave Their Hollywood Homes

    Last month, at about the same time, Open Fist Theatre Company and Celebration Theatre gave notice to their respective landlords, the primary reason being rent increases that were pricing them out. Particularly disturbing about this development is the history of both award-winning theaters, and their artistic contributions to their communities...
    • Jun 6, 2013
  • Foote Notes
  • Foote Notes

    Subtlety and skill are on ample display in this duo of Horton Foote one-acts, directed by Scott Paulin. "A Woman of Property," set in Foote's Harrison, Texas, in 1925, revolves around a high-spirited, 15-year-old named Wilma (Juliette Goglia), whose mom has died and whose dad is about to remarry and...
    • Nov 15, 2012
  • <i>The Black Glass</i> at the Hollywood Fringe and <i>Heartbreak House</i> at Theatricum Botanicum
  • The Black Glass at the Hollywood Fringe and Heartbreak House at Theatricum Botanicum

    Playwright-director Guy Zimmerman dedicated his new 60-minute play in two scenes, The Black Glass, to the protesters of Occupy Wall Street. This is a fair indication of where his sympathies lie when it comes to the kinds of corporate CEOs who run things, or, in the case of Zimmerman's central...
    • Jun 28, 2012
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