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  • Offramp Ramps Up
  • Offramp Ramps Up

    Some galleries are as much an art project as the exhibitions they present. In Pasadena, that's certainly true of Jane Chafin and Chaz Alexander's gallery. The Offramp Gallery Fifth-Anniversary Party will be one of the gallery's magical garden openings, unveiling improvements to the lovingly restored Craftsman architecture and verdant grounds...
    • Sep 5, 2013
  • Fine Art Tea Time
  • Fine Art Tea Time

    Patssi Valdez has a lot of great stories. Some she told in her lauded performance-art career with the Chicano art collective ASCO, surveyed in a major LACMA show last year. Some she's told in her long career as a painter, ceramicist and imaginative visual experimenter. But if you're lucky, she's...
    • Dec 6, 2012


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