• Nightranger: Lash and Learn

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Dragstrip Reunites, Cirque Berzerk and More." We've always said real gals could learn a thing or two from drag queens, so it… More >>

  • Nightranger: The Bitch Is Back

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  • Nightranger: It's a Mad, Mad World

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Afterdark Club Madness at Kress, Eden, The Mint & More." Gunshots inside Hollywood hot spots, crazy-costumed college rock in West L.A., and… More >>

  • Nightranger: Inaugural L.A. Nightie Awards

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Best of L.A. Nightlife 2010." New year, new outlook and (surely) tons of new adventures to be had after dark in 2011, but… More >>


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    Do today's faux fur–collar- and bangs-sporting boho babes and skinny-jeaned hipster dudes know where they copped their looks and aesthetics from? Sometimes we wonder, but after this weekend we say… More >>

  • Nightranger: CHRISTMASSIVE

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  • Creep Show, Peep Show

    Heavy Metal Parking Lot, photography at Hotel de Ville Eyewear and the Paul Smith anniversary party, plus saying goodbye to some of our fave haunts More >>


    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Dogtown/Zephyr's Ranch-N-Roll Party, Weezer's Nerd Rock, Yo Gabba Gabba's 'Party in My City'" Kiddie faux-hawks, fashionably mismatched tutu ensembles and tattoos (fake… More >>

  • NIGHTRANGER: Maulings and Mohawks at the Movies

    According to New York music-scene pioneer Richard Hell, "punk" stands for two things in our culture. First, "the possibility of pride and haven for kids rejected as worthless," and second,… More >>


    The hectic holidaze are right around the corner, and before you know it another year will be on the horizon. Nightranger will be looking back at the highs and whys… More >>

  • Nightranger: WILD FRONTIER

    It's been 30 years since Frontier Records first began to expose its indelible roster of local punk bands to hard-core fans, forever leaving its mark on the music scene in… More >>

  • NIGHTRANGER: Monster's Ball

    As one who frequents L.A.'s flashiest parties and look-at-me nightlife environments, our expectations on Halloween, at least when it comes to getups, may be a bit haughty. Costumes should be… More >>

  • Nightranger: REDRUM & RITZ

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Pablove Across America Party, Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood and More." Hollywood has long been vying to live up to the fantasy, excess… More >>

  • Nightranger: Music & Passion Were Always the Fashion

    Liquor is legal, but when it comes to after-dark revelry, things sure seemed a lot more fun when it was forbidden fruit, didn't they? From roaring rags and spiffy suits… More >>

  • Nightranger: REBEL, REBEL(S)

    Is our nightlife coverage a bit gay-swayed and queen-scene-leaning at times? Maybe. But we're not the only ones hungry for spectacle and visual stimulation (at least not anymore): L.A.'s most… More >>

  • Nightranger: Pop Smart

    When Andy Warholsaid that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes, it was before reality TV, photo blogs, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and, to some degree, the… More >>

  • Nightranger: Star Bright

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  • Nightranger: Outta-Sight Night

    Not sure if we buy the whole Mercury in retrograde theory, but life (night and otherwise) sure has been pretty kooky lately. Apparently the astrological insanity ended this past Sunday,… More >>

  • Nightranger: Tatted and Torn

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Kat Von D's Wonderland, 3 Clubs, AFEX and FYF Fest." Tabloid culture met tattoo culture in an over-the-top, somewhat curious (and curiouser!)… More >>

  • Nightranger: Studs and Poses

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Swimming with Sharks, Electro Wars, Sunset Strip Music Fest." Whether you're 20, 40 or 60 years old, grew up in L.A. or… More >>

  • Nightranger's Wild Ride

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  • Nightranger: Stars, Cars & Guitars

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  • Nightranger: Step Into Liquid

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Pool Parties, Lady Ga Ga Lookalikes, Does It Offend You Yeah? and More." Pool parties, outdoor music, food trucks, skimpy frocks —… More >>

  • Nightranger: Where There's Smoke

    "Dub" is "bud" spelled backward. There was lots of time to think up dumb, stoner anagrams like this and munchie out and toke (duh!) for those waiting to get into… More >>

  • Nightranger: Heart-Ons

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Parties at Cat Club, Cannonball at Drai's, Kelis & Robyn at Music Box." The Summer tour co-headlined by Kelis and Robyn is… More >>

  • Nightranger: Pounding the Pavement

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  • Nightranger: Evil Wo-Men

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  • Nightranger: Smashing Patience

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Smashing Pumpkins, The New Erotic, Viper Vixens (NSFW)." "I love you all, but I'm too old for this shit." Such were the… More >>

  • Nightranger: Mo BET-ta Booze?

    EDC + BET = BIG star power in L.A. last week. And though we missed both Electric Daisy Carnival and a bevy of BET Awardsbashes, we still got our share… More >>

  • Nightranger: Gamer Gauche

    View more photos in Lina Lecaro's slideshow, "Nightranger: Pac-Sun's Beach Ballyhoo, Activision's #E3 Bash & More." While the economy struggles to find its footing, the video-game market only seems to… More >>