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At chefs Art Smith and Tal Ronnen's new Culver City franchise, things that taste good left to their own devices without a lot of manipulation fare well. There's a delicious charred artichoke appetizer served with garlic aioli, which is basically just three artichoke quarters, grilled simply. Salads are quite good, like something you might make for yourself at the Whole Foods salad bar on a day you're feeling less than adventurous. But — and here we begin a list of complaints that almost don't seem fair given the context — the salads tend to taste under-dressed, and a tad bland as a result. There's a creamy, tangy guacamole appetizer served with crispy tortillas that taste stale but probably are just suffering from being baked rather than fried. I found most of the entrees reminiscent of Trader Joe's frozen entrees, albeit of higher quality but slightly blander. —Besha Rodell

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