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  • Comikaze Expo
  • Comikaze Expo

    @ Los Angeles Convention Center
    • Oct 31, 2014
  • Movies to See in L.A. This Week: A <i>Magnificent Seven</i> Convention
  • Movies to See in L.A. This Week: A Magnificent Seven Convention

    Friday, Oct. 3 If you’ve always felt that you belonged with spurs on your boots and guns strapped to your hip, you should mosey over to the Los Angeles Convention Center for M7 Con 2014. Designed around John Sturges’ classic film The Magnificent Seven as well as the 1998-2000 TV...
    • Oct 1, 2014
  • The Zelig of West Coast Hip-Hop
  • The Zelig of West Coast Hip-Hop

    You've likely never heard of A.W., but he's a Zelig-like figure who was there every step of the way during the West Coast hip-hop glory years of the '80s and '90s. The man born Anthony Williams knew Ice-T "when he was stealing cars," palled around with Dr. Dre in his...
    • Aug 14, 2014
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