Sweat with some of downtown's elite at the Los Angeles Athletic Club, the private spa, social club and workout space next to Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles. Membership has been strictly private since the 1880s, with pricey monthly dues that keep the riffraff out of the pristine exercise areas. There are skylights in the main room, pool tables throughout the building, two swimming pools and a series of squash and tennis courts for members to use at their leisure. That is, when they're not taking wine classes, smoking cigars or sipping cocktails from the upstairs Invention Bar, which now offers private memberships for anyone looking to drink instead of exercise.

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    Los Angeles Athletic Club

    Founded in 1880, when the main mode of transportation was the stagecoach, the Los Angeles Athletic Club, celebrating its 130th anniversary, remains a downtown oasis for fine-tuning your body, inside and out.


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