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Just on the other side of the L.A. River sits La Zona Rosa, a Boyle Heights dance hall with a decidedly south-of-the-border feel. The Coronas come in buckets here, a complex run of light strings keep things the perfect shade of dark, and country-western wear is practically the dress code. Still, for the mid-thirties crowd, La Zona Rosa gets down (sometimes way, waaay down) on the dance floor, with wailing accordion music pouring out the door until the strike of 2 a.m. The occasional big name Norteño act might roll through town and collect on a $20 door charge, but on most nights the spacious dance floor is open and inviting to anyone looking to dance. Don't fool yourself into thinking you'll be the best-dressed person at the bar though; there's already someone at La Zona Rosa with a better jacket and shinier boots – and dance moves to match.

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    La Zona Rosa

    With cowboy hats bobbing on the dance floor, low, stuccoed ceilings, and women who top their high skirts with even higher hairdos, La Zona Rosa is as close as L.A. gets to a real border town nightclub.


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