A reasonably priced, low-frills chain of gyms, L.A. Fitness has more than 200 California locations, with more on the way. Members enjoy treadmills, free weights, Nautilus machines and enough elliptical trainers that you'll only find brief waits during peak hours – and only then in January when New Year's resolutions draw the ambitious back to the gym. Most locations offer a myriad of classes, so make sure to check the schedule at the club nearest you.

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    Best Cycle Instructor

    Ellie Wenzel-Wright

    The L.A. Fitness on La Cienega and 18th Street is a worn-down, overcrowded swampland, but every Saturday morning it's home to a stampede, as members of all ages and sizes clamor for one of the coveted spots in Ellie Wenzel-Wright's cycle class.


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