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This legendary bikini bar may not be as seedy as it was in the '80s or even before the '04 city ordinance that made the ladies cover up and wear bikinis during their dances, but Jumbo's will always be a wild time, thanks to titillating entertainment, great music and strong drinks. The family-owned business first opened in its mini-mall location back in 1970, and though it was once known for its less than alluring performers (typified by Courtney Love's druggy dance period), these days it's a bubbling babe-fest, with burlesque-style vignettes and loads of lovely rock 'n' roll-ish lasses and tatted tarts grinding to everything the Stones to Black Sabbath to David Bowie, all showing off athletic pole work and dramatic costumes and themes. For many, the performances onstage have become secondary to the bar's colorful atmosphere itself, but whether you come here to guzzle or ogle, Jumbo's guarantees big fun.

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