The food court may not seem a likely site for a culinary epiphany. You could look through every Smart & Final in the county without coming across plastic spoons as cheap and flimsy as the tableware here, but if you were to get your hands on an order of mie medan at Janty Noodle you might be inclined to disagree. Janty Noodle is the Hong Kong Plaza's specialist in Indonesian-style Chinese mie, dense, crinkly mats of egg noodles steamed with a little oil, some bean sprouts and a wad of fresh greens, then served with a few grams of chicken, piles of sliced mushrooms, or paper-thin shavings of barbecued pork and a peppery crumble of sauteed chicken in the version called mie medan, which is a pretty basic bowl of food but has the exact gummy texture and the exact sharply ripe funk of a dish you might find in a Southeast Asian hawker center around breakfast time. A foam container of clear broth is served alongside in case you feel like moistening the noodles; plates of utterly forgettable Indonesian fritters and fried won tons are available too.

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