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Despite the sometimes dingy association with Larry Flynt and the publication that made him famous, the Hustler Casino in Gardena is L.A.'s best-manicured card room. Plush red walls hide unwanted acoustics, and the soft snap of fresh cards is muted with every deal on the vibrant felt tables. The crowd is an eclectic mix of workaday locals, bewildered tourists who couldn't find Vegas on a map, and hungry sharks, eager to gobble up loose bets. Yet the play is always friendly, the staff congenial, the beer mugs frosty and the parking ample. For a close-to-home casino with a name brand that might put off some folks, Hustler Casino is the surprising crown jewel of L.A.'s poker room circuit.

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    Hustler Casino

    A few months back, I went to play some low-stakes poker over at Larry Flynt's Hustler Casino, and who did I bump into, right next to me at a corner table in the back of the room?


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