The "157" stands for this old Victorian house's ranking on the list of California Historical Landmarks, but when it comes to the best alternative entertainment -- live music, dance events (square dance socials!) and off-the-wall workshops -- HM ranks much higher. It's one of the most unusual locales in Los Angeles. Run by the groovy, good-vibrations-touting Church of Fashion group, 157 is essentially a living art space, with the bulk of its patrons and promoters coming from L.A.'s most creative communities. Many events here have a decidedly retro feel (vaudeville, old blues) and the layout lends itself to a variety of offerings. The indoor area is fully furnished, with a cozy, lived-in vibe, while the expansive outdoor patio offers great acoustics for live acts and plenty of space for stomping the house down.

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    Historical Monument 157

    One of the more unusual venues in town, Historical Monument 157 keeps the underground eccentric.

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    Historic Monument 157

    Historic Monument No. 157 is a mildly rundown old Victorian in East L.A. How it became a hub for hipsters, artists and people of all ages is due to its quirky inhabitants, Brother Reid Maxwell, the quiet man of the house, and Sister Charon Nogues, an eccentric stylist, visionary and...


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