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  • John Barrymore Attempts a Comeback
  • John Barrymore Attempts a Comeback

    Actor John Barrymore, star of theater and screen for a quarter of a century until his death in 1942, was thrown out of prep school after having been seen entering a brothel. This detail isn't in William Luce's 1996 two-person show based on the actor's reminiscences, Barrymore, though the play...
    • Nov 14, 2013
  • The Bells of West 87th
  • The Bells of West 87th

    Elin Hampton's play derives its comedy from the antics of an eccentric family. At 39, Molly (Cameron Meyer) has never escaped from the tyranny of her critical, exploitative parents, who have decided she's a lesbian because she won't wear makeup, and taunt her about her lack of a social life...
    • Sep 12, 2013
  • Poetry Goes Badass
  • Poetry Goes Badass

    If you think slam poetry is relegated to a small, East Coast subset of urban youth complaining about their ex-lovers, think again. For three days starting today, the West Coast is where it's at. The fifth annual inkSlam: L.A.'s Premier Poetry Festival will take place at the Greenway Court Theater,...
    • Jul 4, 2013
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