A family-owned business in Chinatown dating back to 1946, Grand Star hosts some wild dance-party happenings. The former Chinese restaurant's relaxed, almost-underground atmosphere works for just about any promotion that goes down here on weekends, from sweaty hip-hop ragers like "Boombox" to sexy disco soirees like "Full Frontal." Jazz bands and karaoke fill up the weeknight schedule. The miniature Saturday Night Fever-like light-up dance floor definitely enhances retro-themed events, while the alley location gives Grand Star a charm pretty much unmatched in club venues in Chinatown or anywhere. The nightclub is nestled in a picturesque Chinatown plaza on Broadway, just steps away from the old Hong Kong Cafe, among the brightly painted buildings that are clustered around a festive courtyard festooned with red Chinese hanging lanterns. The bar has a long, storied history and was once a favorite hangout for the legendary Mexican comedian Cantinflas and his friends.

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