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At Topanga's Fair Hills Farms, the Brittan family — Mickey, Linda, Grayden and Alie — run a club for polo pony owners. The USC polo team practices at this vast, hilly ranch a mile off Topanga Canyon Road, and the public can take classes. One recent day, visitors saw a tiny foal peek over a gate, and in an upper paddock watched as a stunning bay repeatedly put itself through a series of gallop-prancing exercises — sans trainer. Mickey Brittan says retired polo ponies are "perfect for adoption" because, like dogs, they're "trained all their lives to please. They're responsive to your body movement, even your thoughts." If you love horses, have the space and $900 or more for the adoption fee, the Brittans will assure your pony is the right fit. Call ahead for an appointment.

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    Fair Hills Farms

    The rough road to Fair Hills Farms, rumbling past dry gulches and rock outcroppings, is so not Los Angeles and so not a phony excuse to own an SUV.


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