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The true definition of L.A.'s "Eastside" may be debatable, but this Boyle Heights fave's Easty cred sure isn't. Across the street from famed Mariachi Plaza (where ornately dressed musicians gather for gigs), Luv is a homage to Latino culture, with a sexy-classy feel. Chandeliers done like giant chain-link lowrider steering wheels, flocked walls, Mexican movie posters, a candle-covered altar/fireplace, and signs that read "Los Winos" above the men's room and "Las Chulas" above the ladies' are just some of the touches that make it unique. There's even a "lowered," bar serving beer and wine, some embellished with a saladito (died prune soaked in salt). Jazzy music, funky DJs and sultry burlesque dancers on weekends make this bar be-luved by people from all sides of town.

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Entertainment: Live Entertainment, DJs

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