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Chengdu Taste, the beloved Alhambra Szechuan restaurant, is a heat lover's heaven. The plastic menu pages are littered with little chile icons, the international sign for tongue-searing tastes. Check the "crawfish and crab" section for seafood with a seriously spicy kick, or basically anything under the ominously-titled "Mom's Preserved Chili." If you're really feeling dangerous, move to the "Special Orders" section, which require a day's notice, but carry the dreaded -- or coveted, depending on your perspective -- three chile icons. Order at your own risk, and don't say the menu didn't warn you. Most every other dish exists somewhere in the gray area between mild and mind-melting. The noodle dishes can be mixed in with the peppery sauces at your leisure, which means the more intrepid diners at the table can bear the brunt of the furnace if need be. But for some entrees, like the wontons with pepper sauce, there is no escaping the tingle. —Farley Elliott

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