Located below Casita del Campo Mexican restaurant in Silver Lake, the Cavern Club is where you'll find dynamic drag shows that go beyond the usual lip-syncs and laughs. It's a place for sequined sisters to shine, thanks to Mr. Dan (aka Gina Lotriman from Dragstrip 66). The basement space offers an intimate atmosphere and campy, mostly comic cabaret from the best transexual talents in town, such as Jackie Beat and "Chico's Angels.'" Plus you can guzzle great margaritas from the upstairs restaurant as you giggle.

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    Best Drag Club

    Cavern Club

    Located below Casita del Campo restaurant in Silver Lake, Cavern Club is where you'll find dynamic drag shows that go beyond the usual lip syncs and laughs.

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    Most Bodacious Basement

    Cavern Club Theatre

    Opened in the summer of 1994 by Mr. Dan and Paul V (of the legendary Dragstrip 66), Cavern Club Theatre was initially created as a home for the live drag soap-opera-sitcom “The Plush Life” (which ran from 1994 to 2002).


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