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  • Caltech Crafts Gingerbread Mars Rover
  • Caltech Crafts Gingerbread Mars Rover

    One giant leap for a pastry chef? We've seen a lot of cool gingerbread houses around town, but nothing tops the gingerbread Mars Curiosity rover that the nerdy minds at Caltech have come up with. Crafted by Kevin Isacsson, head chef of the Athaneum, the Pasadena university's private dining club,...
    • Dec 18, 2012
  • Nisei Week Karate Exhibition
  • Nisei Week Karate Exhibition

    The oldest continuing public demonstration of karate in the United States returns with the 56th annual Nisei Week Karate Exhibition. Karate — which means "open hand" — is a discipline of body and mind that has captivated both bricks and imagination over the decades it's risen to public prominence. By...
    • Aug 2, 2012


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