Boiling Point | Monterey Park/ Alhambra/ S. Gabriel | Asian, Taiwanese | Restaurant
Cheap, accessible and streamlined, Boiling Point is the gateway hot pot eatery for those who have never tried hot pot but want to give it a try. With seven restaurants in California and growing, the small local chain is mostly based in the San Gabriel Valley. Everything about their restaurants, from the Westernized décor to the artsy customized-made pots, has been designed to make the first timer diner feel comfortable. The large menu features a selection of ten broths that come with the ingredients already mixed in.Toppings are traditional: pork blood cubes, quail eggs, clams, enoki mushrooms, fish cakes and stinky tofu. There is no family-style here. You get your own portion of hot pot, a customized spice level and a choice of rice or vermicelli as a side. They also have lunch specials where the meals are cheaper and the tea is complimentary. And yes, there is a dessert menu: six glorious flavors of Taiwanese shaved snow.

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    Boiling Point

    The traditional hot-pot eatery gets a 21st-century twist at the Taiwanese restaurant Boiling Point.


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