Ascended Living | Venice/ Marina del Rey | Health and Fitness | General
Even for its quirky Venice location, Ascended Living day spa is an oddity. That's because its techniques and treatments, from quantum regenerative facials to body unwinding sessions, are so ahead of the curve most folks won't be familiar with them. Inside the bamboo studio, the air is cleaner, the wellness professionals more spiritually attuned and the products for purchase more appealing than anywhere else. At the intersection of sound mind, rejuvenated body and fulfilled spirit, you'll find the hidden Abbot Kinney enclave known as Ascended Living.

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    Ascended Living

    Levitating high above the bustling consumptive Abbot Kinney fray, Ascended Living is a tiny, hidden haven for body, mind and spirit (or, as Osho says, bodymindspirit).


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