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  • Amazing Rants Overheard on L.A. Buses: "That's How a Hit Starts"
  • Amazing Rants Overheard on L.A. Buses: "That's How a Hit Starts"

    Ranter: Tuneful Young Man and his Sleepy-Eyed Girlfriend, both in their mid-to-late teens Location: 302 bus headed west from Sunset & Gower Time: 5:00 p.m. on a late January Thursday Topics Covered: The value and difficulty of making long-term relationships work; the primacy of self; why singers no longer have...
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  • Hello Ghost

    HELLO GHOST Writer-director Kim Young-Tak flips the script hard in the third act of Hello Ghost (a megahit in Korea), transforming an overlong, somewhat predictable tale into a moving tearjerker. When the chronically suicidal Kang Sang-man is revived (yet again) in a hospital, he quickly discovers that he’s picked up...
  • The Other Woman

    THE OTHER WOMAN An adaptation of Love and Other Impossible Pursuits, Ayelet Waldman's novel of Upper Manhattan entitlement and sanctimony, this minor 2009 Toronto Film Festival entry has been dusted off to capitalize on insatiable, inexplicable Natalie Portmania. Portman, who also executive-produced, stars as Emilia Greenleaf, the home wrecker of...
  • Troubadours

    TROUBADOURS All hail the Troubadour, the landmark West Hollywood nightclub that galvanized the late-'60s, early-'70s singer-songwriter scene, launching Carole King, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Kris Kristofferson and Elton John (as well as comedians like Steve Martin and Cheech & Chong). As seen at Sundance last week, Morgan Neville's...
  • Twelve Thirty

    TWELVE THIRTY In Twelve Thirty, getting fucked by a bright-eyed college kid proves a bonding experience for one Iowa family. In the aftermath of three wildly different sexual encounters with 20-something Jeff (Jonathan Groff), spunky Mel (Portia Reiners); her morose sister, Maura (Mamie Gummer); and the pair's mom, Vivien (Karen...
  • Waiting for Forever

    WAITING FOR FOREVER Did you hear the one about the young TV actress who rebuffs — then ultimately falls for — the emotionally stunted street performer who has been stalking her across the country since childhood? Strangely unaware of its overt creepiness, this unsettling puppy-dog romance from actor-turned-director James Keach...
  • Zenith

    ZENITH "The film they don't want you to see," by "Anonymous," shouts the teaser, prefaced by warnings of legal threats and "illegal" images. Zenith comes off at first blush as merely a spurt of faux-transgression looking for rubberneckers. But it's actually a densely written, sparsely filmed dystopia, using the waste...



  • The Top 5 Pizzerias in Hipsteropolis
  • The Top 5 Pizzerias in Hipsteropolis

    Forget G.W. Bush, pizza is the real uniter. It is an almost universally beloved food, favorite of everyone from kids and their parents to drunk college students to mischievous teenagers and their Mutant Ninja Turtle counterparts. Now watch us turn this noble nosh into the greatest divider: here is our...



  • Stage Raw: Mr. Kolpert
  • Stage Raw: Mr. Kolpert

    NEW REVIEW GO MR. KOLPERT ​Photo by Charlie Fonville What to do when you're settled, successful and sociopathic? For bored couple Sarah (Lauren Olipra) and Ralf (Tommy French), the answer is, terrorize Sarah's tee-totaling co-worker Edith (Kimberly Dilts) and her meathead husband Bastian (J.T. Arbogast) at a dinner party for...

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