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  • Bodies moving at MX Beat
  • Bodies moving at MX Beat

    M.I.A. delivered once again at the MX Beat fest on Saturday night, scoring more direct hits on the ears and hips of thousands of Mexican fans who braved the merciless chill of the highland plain in Toluca where the festival was held. It was the final and biggest night of...
  • Sherman Alexie on Margaret Seltzer
  • Sherman Alexie on Margaret Seltzer

    Margaret B. Plagiarizin'? A little over two years ago, in the midst of the Oprah/James Frey fiasco, I wrote an expose called Navahoax that outed award-winning "Navajo" memoirist Nasdijj as being Tim Barrus -- a middle-class white guy from Lansing, Michigan, who was also a failed writer of gay pornography...
  • Nomadaz: Street Art from Spain and Italy at Scion
  • Nomadaz: Street Art from Spain and Italy at Scion

    Pablo Aravena curated the new show at Scion Space in Culver City. Nomadaz brings together eight street artists from Italy and Spain, including Microbo, Eltono, Sixe,, Bo130 and more. Above, three pieces by Dem from Italy: cat sculpture Il Cavaliere and paintings on cardboard Libero and Sara Kali. Close up...
  • Rime Art Opening at Ghettogloss
  • Rime Art Opening at Ghettogloss

    New works by Jersey Joe aka RIME went on display at Ghettogloss on Friday. More photos after the jump. Check out the art in person at Ghettogloss on Glendale Blvd. in Silver Lake. The show runs until March 20...




  • A Guide To the LA Bands At SXSW

    So I'll be covering SXSW next week for the LA Weekly. I have never been nor do I have any idea of what to expect. I'm pretty excited to go though. I've been asking around and have generally been met with the boiler-plate response that "SXSW is awesome." However, one...
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  • Another guide to LA Bands at SXSW

    Here's a list of LA bands/songwriters to chase down at SXSW in Austin next week. This is a tipsheet for those of you with $$$ in your eyes. Looking for a band to break, license, co-opt, manipulate, convince to sell out? Here are some tips. Abe Vigoda Gender: Four men...





    LA Fashion week is in full swing, and though it's too early to make judgments about the season as a whole, some definite trends are already emerging. Hello again grunge! Yes, the plaid flannel is flapping in the breeze once again, along with Chris Cornell hair, motorcycle boots, Indiana Jones-style...

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