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  • Last Night: DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist
  • Last Night: DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist

    DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist Hollywood Bowl, June 25 By Carlie Armstrong What began as an interestingly ethnic, slightly gimmicky evening at the Hollywood Bowl soon became a night of elaborate and masterful spinning by the likes of two giants of the mix-master realm: DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. African band...
  • Last Night: White Stripes' Candy Store Rock
  • Last Night: White Stripes' Candy Store Rock

    White Stripes Icky Thump/Tower Records, June 20, 2007 By Ryan Ward All photos by Timothy Norris - Click here for a slideshow of the concert If you had but one standout moment in your career, you first of all would not be The White Stripes. But their colonization of the...
  • The Police: Arrested Development

    Dodger Stadium, June 23 By Siran Babayan Dodgers Stadium. Never Again. I had an easier time getting through the birth canal than I did zigzagging in and out of the stadium’s graveyard of a parking lot where the traffic was so brutally long and slow all four passengers in the...
  • Last Night: Pearl Jam in Düsseldorf
  • Last Night: Pearl Jam in Düsseldorf

    Pearl Jam Düsseldorf, Germany, ISS Dome June 21, 2007 By Ryan Colditz The German crowd at the ISS Dome Germany was more reminiscent of a fütbol match than a rock concert, but tonight Pearl Jam was the attraction, playing the town for the first time in the 21 German appearances...
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  • 99 Essential - List Only

    Abode A theme park of ostentatious sustainability, Abode is a loungey place where the neo-Balinese decorations are wrought from recycled wood, the menu pays at least lip service to farmers-market produce, house-made charcuterie and ecologically correct seafood, and the $300 specialty martini is garnished with a gargantuan, sustainably harvested Tahitian...



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    'Now, it's one thing for your wife to expect you to be faithful to her, but visually faithful? What are you supposed to do, say, "Oh, no! Scarlett Johansson's coming down the street, better hide"?'