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  • Speeders: The Lighter Side of Cops

    The cheap thrill in the new Court TV series Speeders — sort of a law-enforcement version of Punk’d — is in waiting to see what various mph scofflaws say to the cop with the trailing videographer. But after seeing one episode (the show premieres tonight), the perceived dynamic that results...
  • Brand Upon the Brain!
  • Brand Upon the Brain!

    Director Guy Maddin’s latest pomo revitalization of early-cinema tropes and aesthetics sees the Winnipeg-based fabulist attempting a blockbuster event: a live spectacle with celeb narrators and an 11-piece orchestra, at least for the first three days of the film’s Los Angeles premiere engagement, after which it’s a prerecorded score and...


  • Live in L.A. Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl, June 8
  • Live in L.A. Morrissey at the Hollywood Bowl, June 8

    All the elements of a going-down-in-history Morrissey concert were there: sold-out behemoth venue, two full hours, tight band, a whopping ten stage-divers, and the pre-show hubbub that always looks like an arts 'n' crafts fair of homemade Moz-inspired get-ups. It's one thing to slap on some pomade and cuff your...




  • Road Trip: Day 4 (still in Santa Fe)

    It dawns on me this groggy, windy morning that Santa Fe Time (SFT) is one hour ahead of Los Angeles Time (LAT). I rationalize a lazy day to acclimate to the time difference and adjust to the altitude, which manifests mostly in my nostrils. I soak up some rays by...

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  • Advice Goddess

    '"Being happy with just one man forever" sounds great in concept, but in practice, it often plays out like standing in the one line that doesn't move at Customs.'