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  • Manu Chao Sits Down with Falling James

    Here's a link to an extended version of Falling James' interview with Manu Chao appears on L.A. Weekly's website this week.  They cover his first L.A. show playing with No Doubt in 1989, to his love of punk rock bands like the Ramones and MC5to the worries of turning into...
  • Live in L.A. Very Be Careful

    At Club Bahia, May 25 By DANIEL HERNANDEZ There's always an element of danger at a Very Be Careful show. They tend to play venues and in neighborhoods where the occasional bar brawl is not uncommon. And the band members themselves, true products of the modern multicultural L.A., are legendary...




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  • Advice Goddess

    'Okay, so there's a freshly slaughtered cow taking up my entire refrigerator/freezer. It's just there for those times I can't help but eat a dead animal (like when it's too hard to spear on a fork while it's still running around).'