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  • Medical Drama House Gets Its Own T-Shirt

    How great is the show House? Fuck Grey's Anatomy, that show is so lame, I feel bi-polar watching it— is it a farse comedy? a serious medical drama? It can't make up it's mind and just as we're supposed to be freaking out about some pandemic, we're thrust in to...
  • Folk Yeah! to Big Sur

    I just got back from the Folk Yeah festival up in Big Sur this weekend, having journeyed up the PCH with my man to attend the two-day gathering in the redwoods. We found an ecelctic bunch of music lovers hanging out among the trees, with a heavy bearded contingent (Devendra...

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  • Advice Goddess

    'Just what every kid needs, a father who's incapable of expressing any affection or emotion. Should work wonders when your little girl wakes up screaming for her daddy to protect her from the monsters.'