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  • Jenna Jameson New Face to Fashion Week

    One thing keeps puzzling me...Why was Porn Star Queen Jenna Jameson at so many LA Fashion Week shows? She got a lot of front row action this fashion week, I saw her at a threesome of events including Jared Gold and Corey Lynn Calter, and 2 B Free—and totally copping...
  • Birthday Perez-ants
  • Birthday Perez-ants

    Sometimes I feel like I need a shower after I read it, but I'm gonna be honest right now and admit that Perez Hilton's gossip blog is a fairly frequent guilty pleasure. Still, I'm just not sure what I think about the guy as a person. I usually love me...

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  • Advice Goddess

    'It isn't that guys don't notice the filth, it just takes them a little longer -- like until the crud impedes access to the bathroom or the fuzz on the dishes evolves to the point where it hisses at the dog.'