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  • Su Friedrich

    Wind your way backward through the work of acclaimed avant-garde moviemaker Su Friedrich, as will be possible during REDCAT and Outfest’s co-presented two-night retrospective, and you will find yourself on a remarkable journey from the elegant informality of such recent short video works as Seeing Red (2005) and The Head...


  • The whole shootin' match

    So, I need to tell you about the show of the festival. My mind is blown, dude! I'm sitting in this bar, reading my Archies comics, because I am desperate for anything to keep me awake through a set by Aqualung. (Aqualung are one of these tragically earnest Nic Harcourt...
  • Buzzcockin'

    The Buzzcocks, at 86 years old, blast 20-year-old bands off the stage, and shame them... and they do so as if it came most naturally to them. They simply rock harder, more full-frontally, than almost any band I've ever seen. They began their set at Stubb's BBQ (closing the Spin...
  • I’m Only Five Foot Two

    Tonight, a trifecta of punk with the Saints, Buzzcocks and Stooges. But first, another panel (I think I am the only one interested in these things). Chuck D, Alejandro Escovedo and Cyril Neville were among the speakers at "Say It Loud, I'm What? and I'm Proud" discussing the burden of...
  • Eureka! (I have found it.)

    (photo from Oreskaband.com) So it happened: That magical, transportive moment of which I have heard rumors.... the moment when you discover a band at South By Southwest that you have never before heard anyone mention, write about, whisper about, blog about.... ever. It's a fresh, new-to-you baby-band experience, and it...
  • Maude!

    SXSW or no SXSW, my first sign of Texas pride was the Texas-shaped gravestone in the Texas State Cemetery I noticed outside the airport shuttle. Landed in Austin in drizzling weather; even in a crowded airplane making four stops it's easy to single out the passengers headed here – they're...
  • Andy Pratt, Mika, Pitchfork, and the anti-poppers

    It's easy to critique. It's much easier to critique than to do. Having said that, I would like to lodge a complaint about this year's panels. I understand a few of the panels were genuinely interesting. But the word of mouth I've received from most panel-attenders is that overall they...
  • Afro Hammond Jr.
  • Afro Hammond Jr.

    There’s a Starman Brian Wilson, Pamela & Michael Des Barres, Henry Rollins, Kato Kaelin and hundreds more came out to salute radio legend (and Nightranger pal) Rodney Bingenheimer, who finally got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last Friday. Yup, Friday was officially “Rodney Day.” Literally. First came...


  • Where To Eat Now

    Downtown Los Angeles Haru Ulala Los Angeles is in the middle of an izakaya renaissance, an explosion of intimate, beer-soaked taverns flipping out beakers of sake, small plates of tofu and braised seaweed, and small, oily grilled fish of every description. Haru Ulala, a neighborhood izakaya affiliated with the nearby...



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    'You only became a victim when you started acting like a victim. You'll probably continue to feel like one until you figure out what's missing from your life...'