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  • Nov 23-29, 2006
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  • Ask Mr. Gold: Takoyaki

    Dear Mr. Gold: I recently read an article about takoyaki, a kind of octopus dumpling. It sounds like takoyaki is all the rage in Japan, and soon in California. Do you know if and where I can find them in Los Angeles now? —Nina Rubin Dear Ms. Rubin: Takoyaki, which...



  • McCartney Vetoed Weird Al's Chicken Pot Pie

    Well, it's been a quiet few days, involving mainly indigestion and a marathon L Word viewing session (seven episodes, back to back). So here's a funny story I heard over Thanksgiving dinner which I thought I'd share... Weird Al Yankovic is hanging out someplace, mighta been the airport, and a...
  • I Am...Doll Parts
  • I Am...Doll Parts

    So, I was bored one evening (tonight, as it happens) and as we do in the digital age I decided to google my name and find out what other Steffies exist on this planet. There's a lot of us in Europe: a couple Germans, a Steffie from the Netherlands, and...

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  • Advice Goddess

    With two people blind-drunk in bed, who can be expected to remember (or care) who plays for which team?