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  • Oct 5-11, 2006
  • Vol. 28, No. 46





  • Where To Eat Now

    Downtown Los Angeles/Highland Park  Chichén Itzá. The community-run market La Paloma is everything a shopping center should be in Los Angeles, a collection of shops selling art and artisanal products, a bakery, and a food court representing the gamut of Mexican regional cooking in Los Angeles: a Oaxacan juice bar,...
  • First Bite: Bon Appetit

    Dinner at Canele, a new Southern French restaurant in the old Osteria Nonni space in Atwater, can feel a lot like crashing a dinner party, with oddly minimalist décor, people you probably know and friendly but puzzled waitresses who aren’t quite sure why you’ve stumbled into their domain. The chef/owner...



  • Get Off My Shuz Or I'll Betch Slap You

      Now you too can learn to talk like a transvestite shoe-whore from Tarzana - and it's all thanks to an educational YouTube movie currently doing the rounds. Entitled 'Shoes', this three-minute gem rocked my shallow world with its tale of Kelly, a JT Leroy-a-like with bigger tits, who goes stiletto shopping with her...

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  • Advice Goddess

    Ideally, being faithful means more than lacking the opportunity to grope the lady next door.