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  • Jan 12-18, 2006
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  • Ask Mr. Gold

    Dear Mr. Gold, Please tell me you’ve been to Shalimar in San Francisco. Then please tell me about a place just like it in L.A. Is it Indian or Pakistani? I don’t know, but there’s good stuff in there — whole cardamom pods and oil-soaked potatoes in the saag aloo,...



  • Naked Ambition at the Art Walk
  • Naked Ambition at the Art Walk

    Put horror king Clive Barker in a room with some naked people and some body paint, and you've got an enraptured crowd of "art lovers" in your gallery. That was the offering at Bert Green Fine Art Thursday night when I finally checked out the Downtown Art Walk, a monthly...
  • Stripping Power
  • Stripping Power

    I love power ballads, power naps and power tools! When I was 15 I asked for a power drill for Christmas, everyone laughed and I got some suede blue pumps and a few Limited sweaters. Most kids ask for a pony, or a puppy and get shot down, the Makita...
  • Myspace Taste of the Week

    I'd like to think that I'm way more popular in real life than I am on Myspace. I've only got like 50 friends, but that's probably because I only say yes to requests from peeps who truly are friends. Call me a weirdo. Anyway, the pals I do have, happen...
  • Sometimes I Like Santa Monica
  • Sometimes I Like Santa Monica

    It took a lot to get me out of the house last night in the rain. It took Viggo Mortensen. I was supposed to go with Steffie to Track 16, Bergamot Station in Santa Monica to see the opening of Viggo Mortensen and Georg Gudni's new show called "The Nature...

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