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  • Sunshine State

    Photos by Anne Fishbein As it courses through North Hollywood, Sherman Way may be the most aggressively multiculti strip of multiculti Los Angeles, a riot of signs in a dozen different alphabets; teenagers of every possible ethnicity with buzzcuts and 50 Cent blasting from their tricked-out Nissans. The big Chinese...



  • The Ugg-ly Truth About Shopping
  • The Ugg-ly Truth About Shopping

    I accompanied Miss Steffie to the annual Billion Dollar Babes sale yesterday, and just so ya know, it was only pure guilt that kept me from doing the same kind of pocketbook damage (I'm trying to buy a house right now in my native Silver Lake, which is like the...
  • Love It To Death!
  • Love It To Death!

        After four hours at this afternoon's Billion Dollar Babes media/celebrity preview sample sale, I felt a bit like the Babes' patron saint Alice Cooper (whose Billion Dollar Babies tour from 1973 is now on DVD) in this picture: fiendishly clutching my precious things, with big dark circles under...
  • School of Rock
  • School of Rock

    The LA Weekly's "Class of 05" music issue is out now (check out my local class favorites piece here) and the yearbook-themed edition sure took me back to those loathsome days of pop quizzes and unrequited crushes, when I was so unsure of what the future held. Still, it also...
  • Outer Spaceland
  • Outer Spaceland

    If you weren't there, it sucks to be you. The LA Weekly hosted a kick-ass show at Spaceland last night to celebrate their new music issue featuring The Class of '05 saluting "the rebels, the loners, the dreamers and the stoners of L.A. indie rock"... On the ticket— Ariel Pink,...

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