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  • Nov 3-9, 2005
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  • Ask Mr. Gold

    Question: When I meet with colleagues at conferences out of town, it has become my custom to hand out locally made sweets as kind of an icebreaker, a custom which I’m sure is much appreciated. But I’m getting kind of tired of relying on See’s candy, which is pretty much...
  • Lima and Vine

    Photos by Anne FishbeinCamarones a la piedra, a warm shrimp ceviche popular on the tropical northern coast of Peru, is a formidable plate of seafood. Shrimp, tinted a violent taxicab-yellow with puréed amarillo chiles and propped up with cylinders of boiled Peruvian tubers, are only just cooked through, so the...



  • Happy Endings With The Suicide Girls
  • Happy Endings With The Suicide Girls

    "More boobies, RIGHT NOW!" roared the crowd at the El Rey theatre as alternaporn starlets the Suicide Girls jiggled their pastied jubblies during the final show of their burlesque tour of the US. Despite recent Suicide Girl defections (the girls apparently get paid peanuts per photo set while owners Sean...
  • In Da Club Belamar
  • In Da Club Belamar

    My friend Anne was moving back to San Francisco from San Diego, and she wanted to spend one night in a swanky L.A. hotel by the beach. Only problem was, everything in Venice and Santa Monica was booked. I did a google search, and one of the options was the...
  • Schlockgirl
  • Schlockgirl

    Gag me with a glove. The only reason I saw the "romantic" "comedy" Shopgirl, based on Steve Martin's novella of the same name, was because my friend and I got lost on the way to Pasadena and it was too late to see The Squid and the Whale. Now, I...
  • Dave Navarro Wants The Style Council Naked

    A few minutes ago I had a conversation with tattooed rock superstar Dave Navarro. I was listening to his Camp Freddy Radio show on Indie 103.1FM and he was complaining about only having nine listeners. Well, this Style Councilor has always enjoyed helping out tattooed rock superstars in their hour...

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