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  • Josh Schweitzer

    A Modern Wishing WellMost people view roof gutters as an afterthought, but Josh Schweitzer makes an event out of rain. Instead of shooing it down a clunky aluminum drain, Schweitzer guides the water through troughs built into the house and then into a cement collection box that overflows into the...



  • Reality Without Apologies

    Photo by Carl PoseyDuring U.S. Open coverage the other week, USA Network commentator Ted Robinson, remarking on one tennis pro’s up-and-down life, said, “It could be a reality show.” Co-analyst John McEnroe shot back, “We don’t need any more reality shows.”Now, I’m a rapt listener when you deconstruct a wicked...


  • Nightranger

    “Kick out the preserves, fatherfuckers!” proclaimed witty wino Julian Davies, as two glass goblets of crimson devil juice were poured generously before us. Nightranger was looking for a chill hang to accompany the weather change last Friday, and The Echo’s Irregular Wine Tasting, which this month featured “death haiku” (so...


  • Ask Mr. Gold

    Question: I went to art school near the Japanese East Village in Manhattan, that little stretch of Ninth Street brimming with sake bars and noodle shops. The crowning jewel was a narrow takoyaki stand with an okonomiyaki/yakisoba plate ready to be carried into the nearest dive bar. As I opened...



  • Inside, Outside

    A Muslim woman’s journey from secular Khartoum to spiritual rebirth — and detachment — in London

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