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  • Aug 12-18, 2004
  • Vol. 26, No. 38





  • Early Morning

    Angélique Café. Angélique is open for traditional French breakfasts (bread and pastries from Commereuc’s brother’s bakery, Pain du Jour) and for lunch, featuring a great selection of salads (try the cured salmon), hot entrées and vegetarian dishes. 840 S. Spring St., downtown, (213) 623-8698. Breakfast and lunch Mon.–Sat. 8 a.m.–3:30...
  • Ask Mr. Gold

    QUESTION: So: Thai desserts. Which I like in theory and everything, but then I end up with bars of translucent green jelly that smell like Mr. Zogs Sex Wax, disturbing little hamburger patties made from coconut and taro, numbingly sweet Thai tacos, gummy bogs of pudding made from rice as...
  • Love, From Los Angeles

    Photo by Anne Fishbein On a hot summer morning, there may be no urban pleasure more satisfying than leaning against a palm tree in MacArthur Park, the faded urban paradise that is gradually being restored to the sleek, mysterious beauty recognizable from Raymond Chandler novels, flanked by once-elegant 1920s residential...



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