Whitefire Theater

13500 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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  • She Helped Police Catch Her Pedophile Husband, Then Got Breast Cancer. Now Her Story Is a One-Woman Show
    4 months ago by Jenny Lower

    Lisa Kate David has a singular to-do list. Right after “lose 10 pounds and buy cat litter” is "finish having the areolas tattooed" around her nipples, the last step of her reconstructive breast surgery following a double mastectomy ...

  • Flowers for Algernon
    2 years ago by Deborah Klugman

    Daniel Keyes' now classic sci-fi story about a mentally challenged man whose IQ skyrockets after a surgical procedure tackles not only how we treat disabled individuals but how ephemeral are those intangible values -- love, life, re...

  • Mahmoud
    3 years ago by Bill Raden

    Like it or not, in a country of melting-pot mongrels, the dislocating immigrant experience is part of our cultural DNA. So it is no surprise that performer Tara Grammy's partly autobiographical solo show (co-written with Tom Arthur ...

  • Santasia
    4 years ago by Amy Lyons

    Preshow snow and steaming cups of spiced apple cider in the lobby are only the beginning of the frivolous fun at the 12th annual production of this gleefully goofy holiday comedy. The brainchild of brothers Shaun and Brandon Loeser,...


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