Tombo Restaurant - Closed

2106 Artesia Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90504-3003

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  • Ask Mr. Gold
    10 years ago by Jonathan Gold

    Question: I went to art school near the Japanese East Village in Manhattan, that little stretch of Ninth Street brimming with sake bars and noodle shops. The crowning jewel was a narrow takoyaki stand with an okonomiyaki/yakisoba pl...

  • You Need No Teef . . .
    17 years ago by Jonathan Gold

    Cupid's It is a beautiful thing to see a Cupid's dog assembled, to observe the counterman aligning buns four, five, six at a time in a special ridged tray, to witness the quick flick of his wrists as he lays in the hot dogs, smears ...

  • Cook Your Own Damn Dinner!
    17 years ago by Jonathan Gold

    El Chamizal The basic unit of currency at El Chamizal is the parrillada, a squat iron brazier shimmering from the heat of the charcoal within, brought to your table piled high with thin grilled steaks, pork chops marinated in chile,...

  • Griddle Me This
    18 years ago by Jonathan Gold

    Japan, of course, is home to the most refined food culture in the world, to fish fried so delicately that it appears less greasy than it did before it was immersed in oil, to sake that costs more per ounce than pure gold, to kaiseki...

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