Thomas Duncan Gallery

6109 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004

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  • End of the Night Café
    11 months ago by Catherine Wagley

    "End of the Night Cafe," the show put together by Charles Mayton and Lucas Knipscher at Thomas Duncan Gallery, is meant to resemble an overstuffed bar. A makeshift counter angles out into the main room, a roughly painted menu board ...

  • 5 Artsy Things to Do in L.A. This Week, Including a Performance by the Other LAPD
    1 year ago by Catherine Wagley

    This week, a Skid Row - based collective improvises downtown while blow-up stick figures dance in Westwood.  5. The starlet who wasn't Glamorous rebel Priscilla Prescott, who took control of her 1930s movie career, purportedly ...

  • Lens Reflex
    1 year ago by Catherine Wagley

    The too-attractive-to-be-true, bashfully happy look of the model in Zoe Ghertner's photograph Her Smile is genuinely arresting. She has her hand resting on her hair, and sunlight, shining through what must be a fence, casts gridded ...

  • Uncomfortable Spandex
    3 years ago by Catherine Wagley

    Pamela Rosenkranz's painting Avoid Contact (dim glow) is a mess of pink paint in the center of a big rectangle of tan Spandex. The pink looks kind of like gum that's been run over, and it pulls at the edges of the stretchy fabric in...