The L.A. Fort

736 Ceres Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90021

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  • LAPD Is Hell-Bent on Closing After-Hours and DIY Parties
    3 years ago by Danielle Davis

    "Do it until they say no, and then keep doing it," says Michelle Carr, co-founder of punk haven Jabberjaw, describing how to properly run a venue without permits. Her legendary underground spot in Mid-City hosted icons like Nirvana,...

  • Colleen Green: DIY Rocker, Unemployed Stoner
    3 years ago by Art Tavana

    Colleen Green can boast an impressive list of reviews for her second LP, Sock it to Me, out earlier this year. She can also boast of a propensity to roll joints atop copies of Artie Lange's Too Fat to Fish. There's a picture of this...

  • Religious Girls
    3 years ago by Chris Ziegler

    Oakland's Religious Girls don't write songs so much as recombine DNA — or seed fractals or probe wormholes or crack open crystals within crystals within ... sorry, is this getting too sci-fi? Because these guys are all about p...


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