The Box

805 Traction Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90013


  • Wed-Sat 12pm-6pm

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  • Painters of Modern Life
    10 months ago by Catherine Wagley

    The cute, one-eyed kitty in artist E'wao Kagoshima's See Saw Kitty, a 1984 painting on a canvas that's the exact shape of the kitty's body, is committing seppuku, or ritual suicide. It has a knife to its gut and a goodly gash is alr...

  • 5 Artsy Things to Do in L.A. This Week, Including a Performance by the Other LAPD
    10 months ago by Catherine Wagley

    This week, a Skid Row - based collective improvises downtown while blow-up stick figures dance in Westwood.  5. The starlet who wasn't Glamorous rebel Priscilla Prescott, who took control of her 1930s movie career, purportedly ...

  • Pleasure in poverty
    11 months ago by Catherine Wagley

    Renzo Martens ran into photojournalists in Congo who told him their publications paid well for imagery showing how bad things were there - malnourished children, refugee camps, evidence of violence, etc. Martens relayed this to a gr...

  • Downtown L.A. Art Scene Reaches a Critical Mass of Cool
    1 year ago by Carol Cheh

    Certain places at certain times seem to exert a gravitational pull. Last year, the small, cutting-edge Night Gallery raised their game by taking over a warehouse in the farthest reaches of downtown Los Angeles. That same indust...

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